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Virus &

Cyberthreats continue to expand into more areas of business. The risks to your data need to be addressed by professionals. In the years Atek Computers has been managing its clients’ IT, we’ve built a solid security strategy, evolving to counter the shifting threats and utilizing the industry-standard best practices and tools.


Contact Atek Computers to learn how our Virus and Spyware Services Can Help You Implement:

  • Firewall installation, configuration & optimization

  • Email filtering and anti-malware defenses & countermeasures

  • Encryption of hard disks, files, and devices

  • Management of passwords & other authentication credentials

  • Data backup automation, scheduling & data recovery services

  • Security and compliance best practice staff training


To find out more about how our services will keep your business safe from cyberthreats, give us a call today!

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